5 Inspirational Bloggers You Need To Look Out For In 2016

Tired of following the same old fashion blogs? Here are 5 up-and-coming fashion bloggers to watch out for in 2016. Sometimes we get tired of the same old thing. We’ve already perused the feeds of our favourite bloggers, but now we’re looking for something else… something different.

That’s where these bloggers come in. These ladies are changing up the game with thoroughly written posts, unique outfits and a personality that’s all their own.

Come 2016, these fashion blogs will be rolling off the tip of everyone’s tongue.

Thebellaedit - Belinda Nash

Belinda is a undercover superstar, curator, editor, and writer of our favourite online magazine NZgirl.

NZgirl is where you will find plenty of fashion and lifestyle tips, DIYs, recipes, and decor ideas to keep you busy, i've been following NZgirl since 2012, and it's easily one of my most visited blogs.


The Struggling Twenties - Shanelle Beer

The terrible twenties, time for the most challenging, awful, painful, wonderful, eye-opening, depressing, reflective, awkward, embarrassing, and exhilarating time of our lives, 

When I was 15 I couldn't wait to be 20, turns out growing up is pretty tough business and, just when you think you’ve made it as an adult, you realise you’re just a big ole kid with a bunch of bills to pay.

I guess you could say the Twenties aren’t as much about age as they are a state of mind, and I’m still in the thick of it. 

The Struggling Twenties is your guide to surviving and thriving in the terrible twenties.


Nicrific - Nicole Ku

From the website design to the format of the blog posts, Nicrific is a monochrome wonderland.

Nicrific has taken full force on the internet this year. Nicole's mostly monochrome wardrobe is chic yet effortless. Her clothes always looks so simple, relaxed and comfortable, but still put-together and makes basics look sooo good. She has the ultimate ‘cool girl’ look while still looking like the girl-next-door.


My Wardrobe On A Blog- Tash Bonniface


Everyone's Instagram feed needs a little Tash. The New Zealand-born, Sydney based fashion blogger is a ray of sunshine, from her radiant smile to her fearless fashion choices. It's no surprise that she also offers style and confidence workshops to help fans live a happy and well-dressed life.


She Said Yes - Megan Lynch

Engaged? Helping a friend? Or just fancy snooping through some of the most stunning spots on the internet? These are all legitimate reasons to become somewhat obsessed with wedding blogs. She Said Yes has everything setting out to give a modern bride all the inspiration she needs for her big day, they cover location, flowers, fashion and photography. While also giving us access to some of the most beautiful real life weddings. Warning, if you’re not engaged already, you’ll want to be after browsing this blog. 


Now that your fashion and lifestyle fantasies have been ignited by these breathtaking bloggers, what are you waiting for, go check them out now!


Brittany McCrystal